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Product and Services

1. Latest Backhaul technology for Telecommunications transmissions

  a) We provide wholesale leased line services to IT services companies, as well as offering competitively priced connections to the businesses.

  b) In telecommunications network for backhaul portion of the network that comprises the links between the core network and access nodes.

  c) Fibre optic cable can be leased to individuals or other companies who want to establish optical connections among their own locations. In this case, the fibre is usually controlled by the company or individual through making necessary components to be functional.

2. Bandwidth Leasing

  a) Faster and reliable internet offer specifically can be used only you/within your organization. Flexible to meet the capacity you selected.

  b) Bandwidth Leasing types of services:

             i) Dedicated Fibre Optic with internet access

             ii) Point-to-Point Connectivity / Leased Line (With/Without internet Access)

3. Hi-Speed Fibre Broadband

  a) Provides faster internet solution through fibre optic based on the bandwidth range you selected (Best Effort)

  b) Provided with 1 fixed IP